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Summary After 75 Years of Magic: Disney Answers Its Critics, Rewrites African American History, and Cashes In on Its Racist Past Richard M. Breaux - Essay Example

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Breaux’s article , “After 75 Years of Magic: Disney Answers Its Critics, Rewrites African American History, and Cashes In on Its Racist Past”, In July of 2010. In the article, Breaux…
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Summary After 75 Years of Magic: Disney Answers Its Critics, Rewrites African American History, and Cashes In on Its Racist Past Richard M. Breaux
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Extract of sample "Summary After 75 Years of Magic: Disney Answers Its Critics, Rewrites African American History, and Cashes In on Its Racist Past Richard M. Breaux"

Download file to see previous pages well-researched study that enables the reader to consider a variety of historical facts involving racial stereotypes of Disney character design and the overall impression portrayed in them. Essentially, Breaux presents explorative criticisms of Disney’s unfulfilling exploitations of their own racist past (Breaux 399, par. 1).
Primarily, Breaux highlights the foundational criteria within Disney’s films by first observing character development and in The Princess and The Frog film. He argues Disney films provide ungrounded response against criticism of its racial discrimination , coupled with historical and cultural prejudice about the African American history (401, par. 8), and supports this allegation through citing various references to African American culture present in Disney films. An overview of the responsibilities of women on the basis race shows that women were presented as servants and maids without skills to own business as illustrated by Tina in The Princess and The Frog film.
On matters of historical accuracy, Breaux criticizes Disney Films for failing to consider educational episodes that could have brought the true picture of America’s past relating to racism and stereotyping of the black women. Generally, Breaux states that Disney films could have made a more interesting film by including the historical indicators of racism and discrimination on the life experience of the black women (406, par. 18).
Apparently, Richard M. Breaux work points out the various ways in which women were discriminated. Besides, the work provides an overview of the challenges that the black women experienced while serving in different capacities. The ancient society was quite discriminative, and women were not taken as important human beings. Moreover, the black women still face discrimination in all life aspects including the nature of jobs they are offered and the treatment they receive in the workplace.
Breaux argues that the history of the animated black ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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