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It comprises of just a big square with different colors in it. It is very stoic and has a geometric pattern composed of various beautiful colors. The colors keep changing from geometry to the next. The…
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Amish Quilt The Amish quilt provided is very simple in decoration and understanding. It comprises of just a big square with different colors in it. It is very stoic and has a geometric pattern composed of various beautiful colors. The colors keep changing from geometry to the next. The beauty displayed by the quilt brings a feeling of calm and a sense of satisfaction. It has an inner voice that goes straight to the heart. For instance, the spellbound vibrant colors and the stunning geometric simplicity speak directly to the heart (Bender).
The person who made it wanted to communicate that in life, nothing done is a wasted time. A real life lived is a life full of joyful simplicity, clarity, and humanity. The first glance at the quilt brings a feeling that one is supposed to be doing something satisfying other than something productive. For instance, there is a lot of pressure in the society to people to be successful. The broad definition of success is through acquisition of money and wealth. Therefore, many people believe that any time spent not seeking success or procuring something is a wasted time. Therefore, most people always think that nothing done is a lost time (Bender).
The design of the quilt is in a manner that shows the progression that indicates that what one does in a moment leads to where one headed. Even in the occasions where one cannot tell of where he or she leads. One does not need a reason for doing what one does. It is all about following one’s heart as the decorations in the quilt develops systematically (Bender).

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Bender, Sue. "Nothing I am Doing is Wasted Time." Hay Quaker (2014): 1. Internet. . Read More
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