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Progression report - Essay Example

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I have collected initial data and have carried out 3 stages of interviews. These interviews were meant for finding out how stakeholders perceive decision making. I focused on the…
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Progression report
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Download file to see previous pages I intend to write more and also have more discussions with my supervisors.
Due to the understanding that I do possess about the importance of having accurate, valuable and informative information, currently I am undertaking the task of reviewing the previous chapters that I had completed as stipulated in the timeline. The review of the chapters is of great importance as it will ensure that the information contained in the chapters such as introduction, literature review, methodology and data collection are free of errors and are relevant and a true reflection of the status of the study. In addition it will enable in inclusion of some omissions that might have been overlooked during the writing of the chapters. The review of the chapters might take a considerable time since at times I will be required to undertake research as to correct some errors that might be present.
Some of the writing obstacles include plenty of materials that one has to undergo through before coming up with the data required and at times the information received is irrelevant or outdated. Additionally, there exists time deadlines that one has to meet hence one has to balance time accordingly. For the analysis stage the preparation that is required to be done is familiarising oneself on the different analysis techniques that can be employed and ensuring one clearly understands the data to be discussed.
The chapter on analysis and discussion is expected to take about three month period starting the month of September. The reason why it will need to consume this amount of time is mainly because during the discussions and analysis different available information will need to be compared and verified before a certain position is adopted. Additionally during this stage, in most cases there exists contradicting information that might result to new research hence consuming quite a lot of time. Also the analysis and discussion might involve ideas from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Progression Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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