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Interesting topic would get your readers to know what your main point - Essay Example

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While others look for happiness in monetary and materialistic possessions, some believe happiness can only be achieved through a cordial relationship with family and friends. Thus, happiness means…
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Interesting topic would get your readers to know what your main point
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Extract of sample "Interesting topic would get your readers to know what your main point"

Download file to see previous pages In The Geography of Bliss, Weiner travels from east to west including India, Thailand, Netherlands, Switzerland, Bhutan, and Moldova among other countries to investigate their idea of happiness. Among the countries he visits, the Swiss have an interesting view of happiness. Democracy, moderation, and the absence of envy are the factors that drive happiness in this country. While investigating happiness according to the Swiss, Weiner’s expresses his impression of the place concerning their behavioral habits and lifestyle. The author personally relates his experiences and investigations in the narrative.
In chapter two of the book, Weiner looks at the Swiss source of happiness. While on safari with his girlfriend, he comes across a Swiss couple and their perfectionist tendencies. The writer takes his time to go to Geneva and learn a little more about the Swiss. The first thing that strikes him is how clean the streets are and how sober and controlled the Swiss are. Accordingly, he questions their lifestyle, habits, and general behavior, as well as wonders what makes the Swiss tick. Secondly, Weiner asks why the Swiss are so humorless and serious all the time. Further, the author questions how they could be so disciplined and focused. Additionally, Weiner wonders if a link could exist between the Swiss lifestyle and habits, and the high suicidal rates. Moreover, he tries to understand why the Swiss do not find it appropriate to talk about money. Given these revelations, he inquires where the Swiss get their happiness. Consequently, Weiner alludes that they could probably get happiness from not generating envy in others. Notably, there is little or no privacy in Switzerland, and everyone knows their neighbor’s business. Hence, it is hard to understand how they find privacy because such a lifestyle is hard to handle. The Swiss have one activity that helps them unwind. Skiing is a sporting activity that they love. According to Weiner, they usually take time off ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Interesting Topic Would Get Your Readers to Know What Your Main Point Essay.
“Interesting Topic Would Get Your Readers to Know What Your Main Point Essay”, n.d.
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