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Children's Literature - Essay Example

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This essay talks about a very famous writer Alvin Schwartz. He wrote many interesting stories with folklore and wordplay for them. Schwartz most famous work includes "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" series…
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Childrens Literature
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Extract of sample "Children's Literature"

Download file to see previous pages So fear sometimes becomes humor for many. For thousands of years people have spent time and found entertainment in reading scary stories or narrating them to others. When we talk of scary stories, there is so much diversity. There are ghosts, there are witches, there are draculas, monsters, dragons, aliens, vampires, zombies, supernatural creatures and what not. Since there is no harm in creating fantasies about such creatures, Alvin Schwartz chose to write on them just for the sake of amusement and many people find pleasure in coming across scary stories. However, Alvin Schwatrz himself has written as a prologue to his book that not all the scary stories are based on mere assumptions or fantasies. They have a certain amount of truth in them. There have been so many scary books and stories written all around the globe, all of them can just not be discarded on the excuse that they are mere fantasies. There exists some truth and some substance within them as they are based around the narration of people’s experiences. They are based around what people actually felt, heard or saw at a certain point. So we can say that all the scary stories have similar origin. In the foreword to his book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Alvin Schwatrz communicates a very deep message and explains his main motive for writing this book. He narrates a story within the foreword. The story is about a young Prince called Mamillus. The prince became famous for telling a scary story but he was not able to finish it. He is the hero of one of Shakespeare’s novels The Winter’s Tale. One night Mamillus’s mother asks him to tell a story to her. He says he would tell her the story softly. She said that Mamillus should try his best to scare her...
The essay "Children's Literature" describes the works of a very famous writer in children’s literature, Alvin Schwartz. He was born in Brooklyn on April 25th 1927. His books are a window of exploration of a range of topics; wordplay, humor, tales, legends and so on. A couple of his stories include "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark", "More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark", "Scary Stories 3", "I Can Read Books", "In A Dark, Dark Room" and "Ghosts". For thousands of years people have spent time and found entertainment in reading scary stories or narrating them to others. Alvin Schwartz decided to write them just for the sake of amusement and many people find pleasure in reading them. The main aim of Schwartz is actually to provoke the readers to read scary stories, enjoy them, get amused by them and also be serious about them at the same time. This is because he has clearly stated that scary stories are true. They are based on real life situations. In this way, he is creating a further sense of fear. The stories are short and not boring at all. Just when the listener is waiting for a new twist or turn, the story ends with a surprise. All the stories by Schwartz are meant for children only. They are written in a believable and a humorous way. The main intention of the author is to provide a blend of horror, humor and entertainment for the young readers. This way they would learn to express themselves in strange and uneasy situations. They would also learn the art of narrating a weird or extra ordinary situation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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