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When you get acquaintance with Brady Udall’s works, you soon realize he’s an author out of the ordinary, a necessary condition which allows standing out against the background of popular literature. Though the topics he chose are not supposed to be pioneering or particularly…
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Author Study
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Download file to see previous pages That’s what it does best. I write for the emotional experience of it, for me as the writer and for the reader” (Toffoli, 2010). It’s a well-known fact that Udall’s works are greatly influenced by R.Bass, B.Hannah and M.Twain, which is to say, by representatives of both Eastern and Western schools of writing. It has already been a tradition that Udall is frequently compared to John Winslow Irwing for the reason of some curious common writing peculiarities. That is exactly the fact which contributes to the striking singularity of his works. Udall’s last world-renowned novel “The Lonely Polygamist” is beyond no doubt a completely unorthodox one. He tells us a story that is constantly unsettling our expectations, heightening both emotions, having the sour and the sweet simultaneously, being written in extremely unconventional naturalistic style, a truly fascinating and thrilling formula.
Another rate unorthodox method Udall tends to use is animal reflection. In all he writes, Udall tends to use animals in some way or another. This is how animals appear in Udall’s works; there may be a protagonist with a pet vulture, for instance. This might appear either in symbolic way, or, typical of Udall’ style, in a funny one. Udall just tends not to look at animals in the same way the reader looks at humans. “They can accept and absorb our hopes and fears in a way that humans cant” (Owens, 2010).
As known, Brady Udall attended the Iowa Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa. He spent two years there before writing his very first collection of short stories. Udall himself thinks that only two conditions must be provided in order for anyone to become a good writer: the time and the means to write. Interesting to admit: while talking about advices for aspiring writers he notes “Don’t worry what your mother, your classmate, your neighbor, your spouse, or anyone else thinks about what you write”, which sounds rather funny compared to what he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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