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Parents hold very important positions in our lives. Therefore, when they are taken away from us, it might become very hard to take it and most people would contemplate on…
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Analyzing Udall
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Archie is a good person who is able to control his anger and not allow his emotions control his actions. Parents holdvery important positions in our lives. Therefore, when they are taken away from us, it might become very hard to take it and most people would contemplate on taking the action of eliminating the killers. The feelings of revenge are just an indication of the connection that Archie had with his father. It’s not immoral for him to think of killing the person who eliminated his father, however, executing the plan is the worst thing that could have happened to him. Therefore, the positive side is portrayed after he was able to control his anger and it let it go. In addition, Archie spends most of his time in ensuring that his father’s property is well guarded and protected (Udall 196). He ensured that all operations in the ranch are running smoothly even after the death of his father. Therefore, this is an indication that he did not deserve to be put under bars or in house arrest just because of his ill thoughts. Every person has a dark side which might spoil his gains. Although his behavior is wanting, his determination to succeed cannot be washed away by just several acts which were emanating from the anger. Moreover, his attempts to see a psychiatrists, clergymen, and even hypnotists are an indication that he was ready to change. Therefore, using force to change him is not the best option. Instead, providing him with the support and constant advice is the best way to help him avoid the wrath.
Question 2
A hero is someone who is willing to go through tough conditions in order to achieve his objectives which seem to be unachievable by others. This is a person who is able to sacrifice his body on behalf of another person or people. Therefore, the person is subjected to torture and even jeering but he is able to overcome all these challenges and become victorious. One cannot be a hero when he does not struggle in order to achieve a specific goal. Therefore, heroism is associated with achieving something that is almost impossible to get in the eyes of other people. Heroes have compassion, internal inspirations, and are prepare to sacrifice themselves. In the Midnight raid, Roy’s father is my hero. This is because he was ready to endure harsh weather and tight security in his ex-wife compound in order to deliver the goat to his son (Udall 15). He therefore used several tricks in order to ensure that he achieves his objectives.
Question 3
In the past readings Brady Udall, one outstanding aspect is that of teaching the readers on the importance emotional control. One common theme in all these stories is that of endurance. The stories emphasize the importance of hard work and perseverance I order to achieve a specific objective. All characters used are those who are able to sacrifice themselves in order to achieve a specific goal. The author uses various symbols in order to emphasize his point and attract the attention of the readers. In addition, he uses symbolism to bring out the behaviors of the characters.
Works Cited
Udall, Brady. Letting Loose the Hounds: Stories. New York: W.W. Norton, 1997. Print. Read More
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Analyzing Udall Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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