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This thesis is aimed at presenting the themes of paralysis, entrapments and isolation with special focus over three selected stories, namely,…
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Extract of sample "Dubliners"

Download file to see previous pages Despite differences in all these stories, the reader finds that at a particular point all these stories are interlinked, though the link is never sequential. Each of these stories deals with lives of common people, their expectation from life, relations, and their dissatisfaction. In each of the stories, the author has dealt with different themes of life and conjointly Dubliners represent a complete cosmos of he contemporary life in Ireland. The themes of paralysis, entrapments and isolation have recurred in all these stories. Joyce, with the purpose of portraying the true picture of human lives and their plight, has focused over intricate details of the life of an individual as well as provided accurate details of the psychological condition of an individual. Equal focus over both these aspects provides a reader a sense of completion as he goes through the stories. Themes of paralysis, entrapments and isolation that Joyce has reflected through the characters and stories of Dubliners, is common in the lives of every individual, living in this society. While reading Dubliners, a reader identifies himself with the characters. At the same time he identifies his plight with plight of the character, living in a modern society. Henceforth, appeal of such themes become universal and this sense of universality is reflected in the best manner through the three stories that are main subjects of discussion in this thesis.
If one attempts to find any kind of sequential connection among the stores of Dubliners that would be a futile attempt. Even from the perspective of aesthetic appeal these stories are quite different but in one sense all these stories are waved together that they deal with life of the capital of Ireland, Dublin. Joyce, through these stories, unveils various emotional perspectives of common residents of this city. These stories were written at such a point of time when Irish nationalism reached it point of culmination. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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