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The Inhumanity of the Death Penalty in Truman Capotes In Cold Blood - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Inhumanity of the Death Penalty in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood" highlights that Capote is found opposing the death penalty placed on this case and rather proposes that it would have been more reasonable and satisfying deciding on a life sentence on the two…
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The Inhumanity of the Death Penalty in Truman Capotes In Cold Blood
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Extract of sample "The Inhumanity of the Death Penalty in Truman Capotes In Cold Blood"

Download file to see previous pages Hickock and Smith mistakably comprehended that Clutter used to keep a lot of money in his house. So both of them planned that immediately after their release they would go and rob Clutter and escape with his money. Therefore, I support that Perry and Richard were justified to be given death penalties.
Perry and Richard were justified to be hanged since both characters were a threat to society. After their release, they did as planned but they didn’t get the money since Clutter rarely kept any money in the house. The two criminals ended up killing the whole family and escaped. Church mates are noted to be the ones who first noted the disappearance of the Clutter’s family in Church and decided to make a follow-up. Their efforts led them to Clutter’s house in which they found only dead bodies. This is said to be realized on the second day after when the criminal event had taken place. The police were notified and in the process of making investigations, Wells informed the authorities that he had discussed Clutter’s richness with Hickock and Smith and so they became the first suspects. Further investigations are mentioned to lead to the arrest of the two criminals a month after in Los Vegas and were brought to Kansas where they were charged for the murder case of the Clutter’s family. The two confessed while agreeing with the charges but their statements contradicted each other about who killed who. Nevertheless, the two murderers were both charged and sentenced to death by hanging and which took place in 1965. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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