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Do you think that juvenile offenders who have committed a homicide should be tried as adults - Essay Example

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There is a neurological research that states that human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25 (Chang, White & Weaver n.pag.), which means that some of people’s actions may come from lack of brain development. This definitely makes the issue concerning juvenile…
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Do you think that juvenile offenders who have committed a homicide should be tried as adults
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Extract of sample "Do you think that juvenile offenders who have committed a homicide should be tried as adults"

Download file to see previous pages ne has done; so a young offender should at least be evaluated on the matter of psychological abnormality and must be provided with special mental treatment along with some legal measures of punishment like a short sentence in prison.
The main question is whether children are capable of acknowledging their actions and their consequences. Thus the claims concerning lack of brain development in kids doesn’t justify any criminal actions that children may do. If it was so, then any juvenile offender would be excused just because it was not his fault for commiting the crime, but it was lack of brain development which made him act cruelly. Such excuses would let children do whatever they want and no one could have blamed them for anything. However, a great argument was stated by representatives of the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Offenders who reasonably noted in one of NY Times articles concerning this issue: “While juvenile advocates often note that a youth’s brain is still developing, we all learn from an extremely early age that killing is wrong” (Kozlowska n.pag.).
The statement definitely makes sense as it is difficult to imagine a child who wouldn’t know that killing is a bad thing to do. Thus it means that when a juvenile offender was about to make a crime, he had already known that the action was extremely bad and illegal. Moreover, it is obvious that if someone close to a child died, the child would feel grief, because one would know that death is a bad thing, especially when people kill each other. Doesn’t this mean that kids’ brain is developed enough to understand moral standards and discern good from bad? Although when a child kills a human, for some reasons people say that children’s brains are not developed enough, so they shouldn’t be charged for anything. The situation creates a kind of double standard regarding the issue.
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