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The essay “Juvenile Sex Offenders Consequences” focuses on juvenile sex offenders that are under the legal age that constitutes them as an adult. It is because of their age that they are not often enough tried for their crimes. Their behavior is brushed off as adolescent misbehavior…
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Juvenile Sex Offenders Consequences
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The crimes that these sex offenders commit are no less hideous than the ones committed by adults, so the consequences should be no less harsh. More rules and laws regarding juvenile sex offenders need to be set down so that all sex offenders are tried in the same way; young or not, they are still committing a horrible crime. When they are left off with just a talking to, their behavior is almost being condoned, allowing the juveniles to be unaware of their mistakes.
Young sex offenders are not getting the punishments that they need to change their ways. If they are not stopped in their tracks now, they will only become worse as they get older. They will be under the impression that what they are doing is not too bad, due to the lack of decent punishment, and continue to do it. This sort of mind frame can only worsen the longer a person allows it to strengthen. While prisons might be too problematic for juvenile sex offenders, there are still other options that can be decided and used against these young offenders. Better to get them off of the streets before they cause unfixable damage. Read More
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(Juvenile Sex Offenders Consequences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Juvenile Sex Offenders Consequences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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