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Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation - Essay Example

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Although, most reactions in humans are innate and instinctive, yet the majority of our behaviour and beliefs are acquired and learned. Once learnt, such beliefs become acceptable, thus…
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Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation
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Extract of sample "Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation"

Download file to see previous pages Pornography might initially be used for sexual relief; however, in the longer run, it only serves as a lethal toxin, paving the way towards pathological behaviour.
Empirical studies have established a strong co-relation between violent pornography and sexual aggression, sexual callousness, acceptance of the rape myth and such sexually deviant beliefs (Allen, Emmers, Gebhardt, & Giery, 1995). Over the past few decades, the increased portrayal of group sex, anal intercourse, sadomasochistic behaviour, and trivialization of child sexual abuse has resulted in marked increase for real in such deviant practices (Langstrom & Zucker, 2005).
With the proliferation in pornography, hyper-sexualisation has flooded contemporary societies (Longo, Brown, & Price, 2002). Nowadays adolescents reach puberty earlier, indulging in various risky sexually deviant acts. Similarly, adults have displayed an accelerating trend towards cohabitation, having children without the burden of being wedlock. Thus, today’s technological era demands stringent supervision and restrictions on Internet use. Undoubtedly, this shield against Internet pornography, will allow individuals to unfold sexuality in a healthy, natural, and socially acceptable manner. In the modern sexualized culture, children need to be taught abstinence to channel their sexuality towards stable marriage, reproduction, and a healthy family life (Carroll, Padilla-Walker, Nelson, Olson, Barry, & Madsen, 2008). It is high time for government to alter its relatively laissez-faire attitude towards Internet pornographic explosion by banning such websites.
It is difficult to ascertain as to what precisely constitutes as acceptable pornography since people are aroused to varying content. Extreme pornographic images as delineated in section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 are already banned in the United Kingdom. This comprises of images that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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