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Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults - Research Paper Example

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In the legal areas, the law helps us recognize the difference between the two, adults and minors. Minors are not permitted the same responsibilities and rights as adults, this…
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Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults
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Download file to see previous pages Has there been a day that a war was crucial in the reputation of a nation and the adults did not reach a decision to give them weapons? This is a clear line drawn between the adults and minors, why then should we conclude that this case is different and this minor deserves equal treatment as adults and be locked away in prisons with the grownups (Bernard, 2010).
For years now, history has come to the defense of the minors, nations that have attempted to recruit children in warfare have had the leaders tried or sanctioned. This case has also cut across decades where children have had to face the juvenile system. Why then change this after having proven productive for ages. Currently, the status of this dilemma stipulates that they should be tried separately although there are lawmakers who insist otherwise. Research conducted recently has demonstrated that transfer of minors from the juvenile courts to adult courts has not reached the goal of lowering recidivism, on the contrary, it aggravates the situation by making the crimes increase. The minors have always positioned minors for redemption and reform. Juvenile detention facilities possess the same programs implemented to assist in the reformation process unlike the prisons (Bernard, 2010).
Trying them as adults would hurt the economy, some of the verdicts would mean life imprisonments, what good does this do where they feed and pay salary to wardens for their entire life whereas the juvenile facilities would have reformed them and brought them back to the society to be beneficial to entire economy. Minors introduced to the prison system have their social lives terminated and altered to a direction that would otherwise not have been acquired if it were for the juvenile facility. Basically, it is unethical to see children as young as 13 undergo the same hard task and punishment as the seniors, prisons are not friendly places ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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