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Machines including trains and vehicles have brought efficiency in the transport sector as opposed to previous methods of transport that included animals. However, many…
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Download file to see previous pages The combustion of the fuel produces a force that steers the machine, but this was not attained overnight. It was attained after continuous research and experimentations by various scientists. This paper explores the evolution of the diesel engine from 1893 to 1900.
Rudolph started the development of the diesel engine in 1992 after filing and acquiring a patent in Germany believing that an engine that automatically ignites would have lower risk of fire, long service life, and move long distances using low amounts of fuel (1, par 1). Through various experimentations, Rudolph’s efforts bore fruits in 1893 when he, for the first time, produced a model that operated at 26% efficiency an efficiency which was twice that of steam engines that were in use (4, par 1). Rudolph continued improving his model and in February 1897, he ran a practical diesel engine which he exhibited at a Fair in Paris in the same year (1, par 2; 2, par 2). Apparently, this model, which operated at a whopping efficiency of 75%, portrayed Rudolph’s idea and vision as it was primarily powered by the original biodiesel, peanut oil (1, par 1). However, he hoped to improve the usability and competitiveness of the engine by developing mechanisms that would allow the use of biomass fuel as this will also make it affordable to farmers, industries as well as the common folk (1, par 2; 4, par 3). In 1899, Rudolph licensed Krupp and Sulzer who immediately became major manufacturers of the engine (2, par 3).
Apparently, previous engines had huge fuel injection propels that made them heavy and unfavorable for shipping (4, par 2). Thus, the new small and light diesel engine benefited submarines with various submarines being built in 1910, 1912, and 1913. Due to his political ideas that confronted those of the German government, Rudolph is thought to have been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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