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Self improvement plan - Essay Example

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C. 200). This implies that people want to improve their grammar, but it may be challenging to know how to go about it. My plan of improving my grammar skills is…
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Self improvement plan
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SELF IMPROVEMENT PLAN Good grammar skills are important in life, in relation to education, career, and how we relate with others (Good, E. C. 200). This implies that people want to improve their grammar, but it may be challenging to know how to go about it. My plan of improving my grammar skills is as follows.
Firstly, I will seek getting an overview of English grammar from a textbook that I got from the library by at least reading two pages every night. I will be noting the grammar points that I should work on and I will establish how to work on each for a few days.
Secondly, I will perform some grammar exercises. I practice each grammar point until I can be able to use it easily. I will search for a book that has grammar exercises and answers. Online quizzes and activities will also be helpful. I will be focusing on a particular grammar point every time I study.
Thirdly, I will be concentrating on grammar when reading the newspaper every morning. I will have to understand the reason why each sentence has been written in a certain way. Whenever I come across a sentence, I will be asking myself if I am to make the same sentences. When challenged, I will find exercises from textbooks for the grammar points and practice.
Lastly, I will read and practice. The more I read, the better will be my vocabulary and grammar. If possible, I will be reading aloud; will help in listening to correct grammar as I read. I will also watch television at times more so what I am really interested in with BBC being a great option.
Good, E. C. (2001). A Grammar Book for You and I--Oops, Me: All the grammar you need to succeed in life. Sterling, VA: Intl Pub Marketing. Read More
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Brilliant paper! Used it to finish an assignment for a english course. It was easy as ABC, for the first time in my life.

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