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Communication with people - Essay Example

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The first story depicts a person who is very good in his methods of communication and can hold intra and inter personal communicative interactions on a good ground. The formation of good communication techniques was built on the grounds of childhood interactions which led to…
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Communication with people
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Extract of sample "Communication with people"

Communication with People The first story depicts a person who is very good in his methods of communication and can hold intra and inter personal communicative interactions on a good ground. The formation of good communication techniques was built on the grounds of childhood interactions which led to good public speaking skills.
The second story has the person who claims to have effective communication skills but when it comes to unfamiliar people, then it becomes hard to convey the right thoughts and ideas which is due to general anxiety faced by many individuals. Communication on grounds of being familiar with the others is a good ego boost.
The third story elaborates a persons perception about themselves while being in a relationship of any sort and holding healthy two-sided communication as an effective key of progress. The person identifies themselves as trustworthy or appearing as such so that the other person is comfortable to open up as well.
The fourth story identifies everyone having the best intention but also acknowledging that this might not be the case with some people. If a person is good at his/her intentions, then it does not necessarily mean that others are good with their intentions a well. However, benefit of doubt should be given and one should believe in the goodness of everyone.
The fifth story evaluates the person as someone who does not need constant communication to maintain healthy relationships. A constant need to interact digitally is not necessary in every relationship and it is sometimes good to be alone for personal reflective reasons. Read More
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