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In the paper “A Strategy for Success of Proctor & Gamble” the author analyzes the teams that P&G sends to Clay Street. They are isolated from the rest of the people in the main office in order to enhance their concentration on the problem at hand…
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A Strategy for Success of Proctor & Gamble
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A Strategy for Success of Proctor & Gamble
The teams that P&G sends to Clay Street are isolated from the rest of the people in the main office in order to enhance their concentration on the problem at hand. Any communication with people back is the office is considered as a deterrent to the team’s achievement. The team is engaged in activities before, which are not directly related to the problem at hand in order to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge to handle the problem, and find an amicable solution. The invitation of facilitators is meant to equip the team members with the necessary skills for cooperation and teamwork. They are also informed on the parameters of the problem to be solved in order to solve it appropriately. Engaging the teams in the prior activities is vital for entire process, as it ensures that teams are handling a problem they fully understand (Hayes 36). On the contrary, the more time the team spends on the Clay Street, the more the cost to the company.
The key objective of the teams that visit Clay Street is to find solutions to problems facing companies. Generation of innovative products is vital for every company that seeks market advantage. P & G have realized this potential, and send teams to Clay Street develop ideas that will ensure they remain top on the market. The time the team takes at Clay Street determines the relevance of processes the team is involved. Enough time is required to ensure that the desired results for all processes are met (Hayes 24).
It is clear that selecting a competitive team and sending it to a separate location to ponder over a certain problem must produce positive results. It is advisable for all companies to be sending out teams to meditate upon their products in the market and the way they can improve. Facilitators would be equally important because they help the teams familiarize with the parameters of the problem (Hayes 32). The type of training with periodical trainings on the market trends is preferable. Constant updates on the changing markets are crucial for a successful team.
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