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Discuss the main causes and effects of gun crime in the USA - Essay Example

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It is estimated that for every 100,000 persons, 10.2 of them is a licensed gun holder. These statistics are worrying as they reflect just how many firearms are in the hands of…
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Discuss the main causes and effects of gun crime in the USA
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Download file to see previous pages Act that controls the amount of guns available in America has been quite ineffective and hence it has totally failed to reduce the number of guns in America. As such, the procedure for acquiring a gun has been reduced to that of the market forces of demand and supply, (Ulrich 2009, p.41). This basically means that so long as a person is able to buy the gun, then the supply is readily available.
Another school of thought on the causes of gun violence and crimes in America blames the ownership of guns by very young people. Though the law only allows those above 21 years to obtain gun license, (Ulrich 2009, p.49) suggest that this has been reached through very poor and unlimited research. This is true because statistics indicate that more than half of the gun mass killing were perpetrated by individuals below 25 years. Similarly, very young people have been accused of perpetrating gun violence using their parents’ guns. This indicates that the law has various loopholes that allow such crimes to happen without reprimanding the source.
Lastly, a large number of guns are illegally available to members of the public. In this case, people can freely and criminally hire guns for uses especially in robbery and assassinations. In America, more than 75% of robbery cases happen at gun point, (Ulrich 2009, p.52). These guns are in the hand of criminals through irregular licensing and gun theft. Accordingly, thugs can either hire guns from illegal dealers or even steal them from the police or other licensed gun holders. In this case, it is important for the Gun Law to be repealed so as to address some of the concerned raised above.
The major effect of gun violence has been the increase of gun related deaths. According to Sarah (2013), the US has “the most guns per head in the world, and equally has the highest rate of deaths from firearms”. This basically, the article has established a close correlation between the number of guns in the private hands and the number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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