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My decision to join this field is informed by the fact that it utilizes biological and medicine knowledge to analyze and design solutions to the…
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Writing class
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Download file to see previous pages ermine the types of technical writings done by biomedical engineers and the importance of technical writing in the field, I conducted interviews over the phone; I was lucky to interview a Biomedical Engineering Technical Assistant (BETA) with a 2 months experience in the job, a Design Engineer with a working experience of 3 years, and a systems engineer who had an experience spanning over 6 years. This paper presents the various technical writings done by the professionals in the 3 different levels as well as the importance of technical writing in the field.
The BETA engages in different types of writing almost on a daily basis within the work environment (2, par 1). These ranges from emails, descriptive writing of various procedures, proposals, and technical handbooks, technical guides, and reports on primary or laboratory research (2, par 2). However, the writing of research reports is more common being done almost on a daily basis. For the Design Engineer, writing of technical guides, technical handbooks, evaluation reports, feasibility reports, and recommendation reports are common. Despite the many kinds of technical reports the Design Engineer is required to produce, feasibility reports are most common at this level. The Design Engineer produces almost a feasibility report on a weekly or two-week time as may be necessitated by circumstances. The Systems Engineer primarily focuses on preparation of reports that detail standard operating procedures regarding the operation of various systems, technical specification reports, descriptive reports, user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and white papers. While writing is rare at this level, the Systems Engineer confesses that user manuals are most common, and prepared almost on a monthly basis to guide lower level employees on the use of different software.
The BETA admits that while he is required to write the many reports, it is somewhat challenging considering his limited experience in the job. Though not so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Writing Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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