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In the first part of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, titled Bourgeois and Proletarians, he goes into how society has become increasingly unequal, despite beginning as a communal entity. This change is attributed to various systems that have benefited from exploitation of the…
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The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
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Download file to see previous pages The latter group is identified as being a dangerous class, which may be swept into a proletarian revolution where the proletariats take over, while also dethroning the bourgeois class (Marx 1). Through the structure of his Communist Manifesto, Marx successfully shows how the history of nations is driven by their economic concerns, as well as how the struggle between the hard working proletariats and the rich bourgeois could eventually result in Communism.
Following his examination of the bourgeois’ history and nature, Marx’s Communist Manifesto turns to discussing the development of the proletariat class. In this initial sub-section, it is argued how the bourgeois class developed alongside the proletariats, setting the stage for the eventual destruction of the bourgeois by the proletariats. It is noted how the proletariats only live as long as they can get work, as well as the fact they can only find work if the labor they offer works to increase capital for the bourgeois (Marx 1).
In this case, the distinctions based on sex and age became less essential since the proletariats become labor instruments. In addition, as soon as the exploitative boss pays the proletariats, the bourgeois exploit them further (Marx 1). This initial description of the proletariat’s nature sets the stage for Marx to expound on his argument of a struggle between them and the bourgeois. This struggle is identified as involving groups of workers and individual laborers rebelling against the exploitative bourgeois, specifically in the hope that their medieval worker status would be revived. The proletariat is shown as having been initially geographically divided, disorganized, and competition with each other. In addition, even after they formed unions, the proletariats were still under the bourgeois’ influence, which meant that they continued to serve and further the bourgeois objectives (Marx 1).
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(The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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