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The Seven Paths of the Anasazi Way - Book Report/Review Example

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The book focuses on finding inner peace and being in touch with ones inner light. Every page of the book has certain wisdom which alters the perception of the person about this world. Victims of depression and…
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The Seven Paths of the Anasazi Way
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Extract of sample "The Seven Paths of the Anasazi Way"

Download file to see previous pages The book revolves around the meditation values of the native America tribesmen where one member of the tribe rejects the community and his family to walk in the desert. During his walk in the desert under the hot sun and harsh conditions, he discovers the seven paths of the Anasazi way where each path that he learns is symbolized by an element of the natural world that is light, wind, water, stone, plants, animals and the final one that is unity. Unity means that the ultimate path has been achieved and the person has connected his soul to the universe which symbolized the achievement of nirvana. The book has been in circulation by the Anasazi Foundation which helps troubled youth in their times of depression by conduction of a wilderness program where they are set to be in a program that delivers extraordinary and effective insight on life with the help of mother nature. The book is a course in healing and progressing towards a better tomorrow by eliminating all the negativity of the past that burdens a soul.
People have moved away from nature and mother earth which gave them so much to begin with and have lost themselves in the materialistic transmission by becoming completely out of touch with their surroundings. The seven paths helps individuals reestablish the lost bonds with nature and then nourish them so that after the book has finished, the person is enriched with wisdom and has a different perspective in life about things. It is meant to change the outlook of a person by harmonizing him with the nature and aligning all his energy with mother nature. The book teaches one not to give second chances only to others but to yourself as well. It teaches forgiveness and well-being. It instills within everyone who reads it the want to serve every person in the world. The book is about moving the home towards home and ultimately finding a place where one truly belongs. The search of home and carving a place in it forever is one of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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