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How to buy a used car - Essay Example

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According to Garland Sommer in the book “Buying used vehicles: A quick guide to buying pre-owned vehicles in the 21st century”, the money spent for a car should not be more than 20% of your monthly take-home salary (Sommer 5).
C. Selecting a car to purchase is very…
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How to buy a used car
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Extract of sample "How to buy a used car"

Informative Speech: How to buy a used car Central Idea: To inform General Purpose: To inform my audience about how theycan purchase a used car.
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience as to how they can purchase a used car without getting having heartaches in the process.
I. Tired of public transport?
A. Put this into perspective: What do you do when you are tired of public transport?
1. What happens when your tolerance for public transport suddenly wanes?
2. You are constantly pummeled by the jostling that is characteristic of the public transport system.
3. You get home so tired every day when you get off work.
B. Well, this is the moment you should do something about it. A time to get rid of this hiccup called public transport.
1. If you have ever been a user of public transport, then you know how hectic the public transport system is.
2. Too much time is wasted in public transport due to delays.
3. So many vices surround public transport.
C. Though transport is essential, it ought not to be cumbersome and discomforting to people.
1. People need to enjoy the transportation system.
2. Do you actually enjoy public transport?
II. It is imperative for anyone buying a new car to consider a myriad of factors to ensure that they get the best-used car in the market and at a fair price.
A. Is a used car the only option?
1. There is the possibility of buying a new car, even though it is dependent on how much money one is willing to spend.
2. Someone can decide to buy a bicycle, a scooter, or a motorcycle instead of a used car.
3. Used cars may not present the prestige one would wish to achieve with its purchase, but it still plays its role in transportation.
B. What amount of money do you want to expend for purchasing a used car?
1. It is imperative for one to pay a sensible amount of money when it comes to buying a used car. This will save one from going broke.
2. According to Garland Sommer in the book “Buying used vehicles: A quick guide to buying pre-owned vehicles in the 21st century”, the money spent for a car should not be more than 20% of your monthly take-home salary (Sommer 5).
C. Selecting a car to purchase is very critical when it comes to the purchase of used cars. If the selection process is not well expedited, one may end up losing their investment in the care they purchase.
1. Consider buying a car from less popular but reliable manufacturers such Nissan, as they cheaper and durable.
2. It is also advisable to buy certified pre-owned (CPO) cars, which considerably lower the cost of the buying process.
3. For that reason, in terms of selection, the choice lies on the buyer.
III. Checking prices and reviews is a critical process when it comes to purchasing used cars.
A. check prices of vendors close to you.
1. When you check the prices of dealers closer to you, it makes it cheaper for you to acquire the car, as the transport costs are lower.
2. Comparing the prices offered by vendors is important in helping one to narrow down the list of the cars they would wish to purchase.
3. Additionally, checking prices being offered assists one to identify the brand of the car they would wish to purchase.
B. According to Dr. Shriram Shimpi in the journal article “A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour for Used Cars in Pune City”, watching reviews assists one see the quality of the car, the reputation of the vendor, and the experience level of the vendor (Shimpi 31).
1. Watching reviews often provides information on cost, hence looking at reviews will enable one to make clear purchasing decisions.
2. Reviews enable one to gather information from different companies, making them easy for them to acquire a car.
IV. According to Jeff Ostroff’s article “Buying a Used Car - Tips and Scams to Avoid. Car Buying tips”, a myriad of steps must be followed if success in purchasing is to be attained.
A. Contacting the seller is the first step in the final stages of acquiring a used car.
1. Immediately one sees a prospective car they would wish to purchase, it is necessary for them to contact the seller of the car.
2. Contacting the seller provides one with an opportunity to establish a relationship with the seller and to confirm the information given in the advertisement.
3. According to Jeff Ostroff, the seller should give information about the history of the car, which is necessary for making a decision to buy the car (Ostroff 1).
B. Test-Driving the car is the second step. According to Paul Nadjarian, it helps one familiarize with the car they would wish to buy.
1. Test-driving confirms if the car you are about to purchase is in good condition.
2. It is necessary for one to simulate conditions in the test drive that will take the car to extremes in order to test the versatility of the car.
3. After the test-drive, one should ask for service records in order to verify if the car has undergone scheduled maintenance operations as required.
C. The third step is to have the car you are about to purchase inspected before you close the deal.
1. The car should be given to a competent mechanic for inspection in order to determine if there were defaults you missed in your test-drive.
2. If the inspection is satisfactory and you reach a conclusion to buy the car, it is important for the seller to transfer every ownership document to you.
3. Purchasing a used car is surely an involving process that must be expedited with caution if a good purchase is to be actualized.
V. According to Alessandro Gavazza, Alessandro Lizzeri and Nikita Roketskiyk in the journal article “A Quantitative Analysis of the Used-Car Market”, purchasing a new car is an extremely fascinating though involving process, which involves examination of the utility of a car.
A. If public transportation is a hassle for you, buying a used car is your best option.
1. Make sure you do not spend more money than reasonable on the car.
2. Escape the pain of cumbersome public transport.
B. So, what factors do you consider when buying a used car?
1. The amount of money you wish to spend on the car.
2. It is essential to consider the make, as well as the utility level of the car you wish to buy (Gavazza, Lizzeri and Roketskiyk 10).
C. How do you then purchase the used car?
1. Check prices and then look at reviews companies dealing in the used cars.
2. Contact the seller and have a discussion with them to create a relationship.
3. Conduct a test drive of the car; take it for inspection, before you finally close the deal.
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