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Making a Good Resume - Assignment Example

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This paper "Making a Good Resume" tells that a resume should be made with the idea that it is a marketing tool for you before the employers. It should be clear, precise, and short in order for it to attract the potential employer while capturing all the important details about you…
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Making a Good Resume
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Download file to see previous pages The potential employer wants to know you hence; this is a basic introduction with little restrictions. This section should cover all your biographical details including your name, age, contact details (email and phone), nationality and identification or passport number. When writing your resume, avoid irrelevant details such as marital status, a number of children, place of birth, social media names, and nicknames unless the potential employer requests any of the details (English et al 7). However, these details are complemented by an outstanding personal summary. Your personal summary should basically answer the question, “why should we hire you?” This means that it should be tailored towards the value you will add to the organization and not your personal objective. There is no need to spend a lot of time here as all you require to write is the period of study, the institution of study, and the achievements at that level (Bohn 109). Remember to start from the most recent, as that is the focus of the employer. Do not spend much time enlisting your hobbies. They simply help the employer to know how you fit in the organization’s culture (Bohn 108). These can be trained in the organization hence employers focus on them only faintly. In case the details for the referees are accurate, the resume should be verified to remove any grammatical or logical errors that might cost you the job. However, summarily, a resume should be prepared with distinct summarized steps. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How To Make Resume Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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