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Reflection on global & dversity learning project - Essay Example

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The perfect example is the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) in the United States of America. IPEC is a useful and highly effective three-unit nuclear power…
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Reflection on global & dversity learning project
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Extract of sample "Reflection on global & dversity learning project"

Download file to see previous pages Although the power plant is necessary and useful to the locals, it has a number of adverse effects that are detrimental to the population. The plant has some health effects to both humans and aquatic life around Hudson River.
Power plants and other energy generation projects are often prone to numerous deadly accidents that range from the explosion of transformers to electrocution of humans and animals. IPEC is no exception since it has also had an incident of a transformer explosion. This type of accident is highly detrimental to both human and aquatic life around the source of power generation. Transformer explosion at this plant resulted in a number of environmental damages. This explosion resulted in spillage of several gallons of oil into the nearby Hudson River. Spillage of oil is dangerous to the aquatic life as it results in blockage of air spaces limiting the amount of oxygen consumed by plants and animals in the water. Consequently, most of them die or wither due to limited oxygen that is essential for life. In addition, this is also dangerous to humans that consume water from this river.
Over the course of the semester, I have learnt several theories and concepts regarding diversity, sustainability, equity, and health, which have shaped my understanding of social issues in the society. For instance, I have learnt about tolerance and its applicability in interacting with people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. If not for tolerance, there would be no globalization where individuals from different nations and cultures interact and exchange ideologies among other things. Tolerance is also applicable online to appeal to different audiences as demonstrated by the reading How to Be Liked By Everyone.
Another essential concept that I have learnt is multiculturalism, which applies in an environment of diversity. Multiculturalism provides for the development of cultural to necessitate unity in an environment of many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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