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Whereas everybody has a way of influencing the world either positively or negatively in personal ways, a few elements have contributed…
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Download file to see previous pages Martin Luther and Nelson Mandela are some of the world’s best heroes because they changed the world around them in a significant way.
A hero can be defined as a person who contributes significantly and positively towards social, political, or economic discourse in a society. Heroes are identified by a strong sense of discipline in all aspects of life as well as a strong stand to their beliefs. One overarching characteristic of a hero is the ability to sacrifice personal comfort, interests, and even life for the sake of the community. Most of the world’s recognized heroes have indeed gone through a lot of painful experiences, jail terms, and even tortured as they sought to fight for the community. For instance, Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years as he fought against apartheid in South Africa.
Martin Luther is globally recognized for his fight for civil rights for African Americans in U.S. However, Luther chose to use nonviolent means to achieve his objectives of securing equal rights for all people in America. Luther was at the forefront leading protests against workers mistreatment at Memphis Sanitation. The blacks working for Memphis sanitation were poorly paid and their merge salaries delayed and at times not even paid. Luther was able to organize a non violent protest lasting more than two months (“Martin Luther King,” 2014). On a different light, Luther led a successful non-violent protest against Montgomery bus company for segregating against blacks from sitting in front seats. However, Luther’s epitome moments are perhaps tied to his maiden speech dubbed “I Have a Dream.” (“BBC”, 2015). With over 200, 000 followers, Luther unleashed this maiden speech pushing the congress to pass the laws regarding civil rights for the blacks in America. The swearing in of Barrack Obama as the first Black president in America indeed marked a significant milestone for Martin Luther as a hero in U.S and the rest of the world.
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