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Stress modern life - Essay Example

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Modern life is significantly different compared to the past one, primarily due to its accelerated rhythm with its results in both physical and mental stress. Many people have quite successfully adapted or are adapting to constant changes of contemporary world. Still there are…
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Stress modern life
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Download file to see previous pages n’s immediate surround has many stressful factors, among which there can be distinguished three main areas serving as a source of stress, namely: family, university, and money. Facing the need of a continual solution of numerous questions and problems associated with family, university and money, people stay in a constant state of nervous tension, which eventually overgrows into stress or more serious medical problems.
“Of course, not all stress is caused by external factors. Stress can also be self-generated…” (Smith et al., 2015), for stressful situations happen around humans as well as inside of them. Everything is interdependent in people’s life, and different drivers of stress are not an exception in this regard. Just so the first type of stress, university stress, may include numerous reasons of personal character, such as challenges of learning process, family problems, relationship problems, lack of money, drug use or misuse, and so on. Most people believe that stress causes only negative effects without consideration of the aspect that “Stress is able to stimulate men’s activities as it increases their energy potential and aggravates feelings and emotions” (Shah & Shah, 2015), which is extremely useful during public speaking or a defense of some kind of research study, for example. Nevertheless, if to talk about unhappy circumstances, which present in students’ life during a particular period of time, then they bring only negative effects of stress at physiological and psychological levels, such as general physical strain and excitement (that makes all internals to function in an emergency mode), anxiety, oppression, dissatisfaction, aggression. All these factors are complicated by troubling feelings, challenging searches of escaping from the situation, and finally avert students’ thoughts from the learning process and make the whole situation of numerous stressful factors to unite in one huge stress without its visible solution. As a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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