Comparison on Consequences of Stress on Modern and Past Life - Literature review Example

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The paper "Comparison on Consequences of Stress on Modern and Past Life" highlights that modern life is more stressful as compared to past life. This can be manifested in the work-related issues, health-related issues, as well as, financial related issues…
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Comparison on Consequences of Stress on Modern and Past Life
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Download file to see previous pages The work will show the causes and effects of stress to describe how stress levels have risen over the last three decades. It will expose some of the underlying factors associated with stress and its impact on people. This will focus on two countries namely China and the United Kingdom. Relevant to the above, the paper will focus on the comparison of three aspects of stress based on the modern and past life. Some of these aspects will comprise of work-related stressors, financial-based stressors, as well as stress associated with family issues. The paper will also explore health-related issues relevant to stress in the lives of human beings. In this respect, the paper will explore the effects of stress on digestive problems as well as heart diseases.
Modern life is seen as more stressful as compared to the past. This can be viewed in terms of the health-related issues that bedevil the current world, the financial issues, family issues, as well as the health-related issues (Russell, 2013). These issues have been attributed to the increasing cases of stress-related problems in the current society. It is of crucial significance to note that the level at which each aspect of the modern life mentioned above affects the lives of human beings differs considerably from each other. For instance, the consequences of health-related stressors may greatly vary from the consequences of other aspects like family issues as well as financial issues. However, it is of critical significance to acknowledge the fact that these aspects of stress are greatly interlinked. Therefore, however much their consequences may vary, they contribute massively in making modern life more stressful as compared to a past life.
The issue of work has been shown to be one of the causes of stress in the modern world.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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