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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Essay Example

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The story has a female narrator who introduces the reader to the inner circle of her life as the story compiles her journals. From…
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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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Download file to see previous pages Without a doubt, there is an evident distance between the narrator and her husband as revealed in the story. This paper will carry out a critical analysis of the narrator explaining the changes that happened to her and why the changes proved to be highly significant.
From the first line of the story, it is evident that the narrator is a female, married to a man named John. In addition, the couple belongs to the middle class as highlighted when the narrator says they were “mere ordinary people”. The narrator goes further to introduce the reader to the fact that they secured an ancestral home for their summer vacation (Gilman 1). The ancestral home is an important aspect of the narrator because it has features that trigger her imagination. The narrator has just given birth to a newborn baby and has been diagnosed with a form of depression. Probably, the narrator suffers from post-partum depression. The reader can also note that the narrator exhibits a sensitive temperament and is a committed writer. Since she is suffering from depression, her husband recommended her to avoid any form of work that may stimulate her intellectual capacities. Her husband is a physician by profession, explaining why he recommends a rest cure for her. However, the narrator disagrees with the views of her husband. She believes that the rest cure is only denying her an opportunity to indulge in her imagination. For this reason, she chooses to secretly write down journals that focus on the intriguing things she identifies in the house. She has identified a yellow wallpaper in the bedroom, which defines her center of obsession (5).
Her husband’s sister ensures that she does not indulge in any involving work. However, the narrator develops tactics of keeping her writing a secret. She spends a lot of time analyzing the yellow wallpaper and trying to understand its meaning. Eventually, the narrator begins ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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