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Neither of them may be considered superior over the other but for a fact both lifestyle have their own merit and demerits.
More often than not, for city dwellers life…
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Life between the city and village
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Life between and village It may be hard to believe it but the reality is that life between the and the villages are very different. Neither of them may be considered superior over the other but for a fact both lifestyle have their own merit and demerits.
More often than not, for city dwellers life is compared to life in “heaven” probably due to the many opportunities available there. For instance, cities environment provide many opportunities and facilities such as better medical treatment, education, more job opportunities, entertainment among other. This kind of lifestyle will be considered by anyone as enjoyable despite the crowding or over population witnessed in many cities. No wonder many social interactions and new ventures are initiated in the cities (Leuzzi, 1995).
However, despite the fact that the village is less advance than the cities in terms of the social amenities and the advance facilities, the cultural identity is real and this is directly correlated to the attitudes and ideologies of the village dwellers (Klinkenborg, 2003). Village dwellers tend to be more welcoming and friendly. In fact the love that runs deep down the villagers makes them consider everyone around them as a brother or a sister. Village lifestyle is also free of pollution and less overcrowded. The air too is fresh and less polluted that why many village dwellers are considered healthier than individuals from the city (Hillyard, 2007).
As a conclusion, life may seem very enjoyable in the cities due to the many opportunities and the social amenities available but village life is likewise unique and less stressful, healthier as it is warm and welcoming to all.
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