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The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith - Book Report/Review Example

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This report discusses the poem ‘The Deserted Village’, written by Oliver Goldsmith. It is a ‘pastoral’ type of poem, where the poet captures the essence and beauty of the simple and peaceful life of the villagers, who have been happy and content with nature and the course of life…
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The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith
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Extract of sample "The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith"

Download file to see previous pages   Goldsmith’s aim, however, was to condemn the rural depopulation and overindulgences of the riches. As a poet who was disturbed by the increasing British love for wealth instead of the goodness of the country that was marred at the hand of a few millionaires, Goldsmith mourns the loss of a paradise that he knew was his.
If practically dissected, however, ‘Sweet Auburn’ is a village of pure goodness in its people and in its topography. While the poet chooses to romanticize the beauty of the villagers, he completely ignores their hardships. The poem opens with lines that provide a description of the village Auburn – written in the past tense – as the poet is recollecting the memories of the Irish village and fruits of his more than often travels to the villages in England. The poet dramatizes the plains of the villages and early visiting spring to allure peasants from migrating while inviting farmers and peasants from other countries. It is interesting to notice that the word ‘delayed’ adds wistfulness to the tone of the poem as if the paradise in the form of the village that Goldsmith has made up is going to get lost somehow.
With these lines, he tries to explain that the land has been abandoned by its people leading to its ruin. People have left their homes to collapse, and their farms to ruin all in the chase of wealth leading to a progressive decline in nature’s way of life. The poet also directs firmly towards the restorative times when money-making was considered more important than a person’s health and moral responsibilities. The helplessness of the poet to change times is evident with words such as ‘mouldering’ and ‘trembling’.
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