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Health risk and benfits of energy drinks - Essay Example

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The unique beverages enhanced the performance of the body and the brain by providing a contentious increase of sugar into the blood stream. The…
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Health risk and benfits of energy drinks
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Download file to see previous pages As such, it could be suggested that consumption of energy drinks has increased. The statistics are threatening given the fact that energy drinks have numerous risks that outweigh the benefits of the products as the discussion below portrays.
Energy drinks have a number of advantages that manufacturers and marketers continue to sell in order to grow their markets. The main advantage arises from the product’s name and primary purpose. Energy drinks enhance the performance of the body. The drinks have high levels of caffeine and sugar. The sugar exists in the form of fructose and glucose that dissolves rapidly into the blood stream thereby providing a spontaneous boost in the performance of the body. Such impulsive boost in the performance of the body is always desirable especially in cases where the body shows signs of strain that affect the performance. Athletes for example may suffer from acute exhaustion and would require the rejuvenation of their energy levels. An increasing number of young people also continue to use energy drinks given their desire to have full functionality during most hours of the day (Burrows, Pursey & Neve, 2005).
The use of energy drinks to revamp the performance of the body requires adequate education in order to possess the basic knowledge on the ingestion of fructose and glucose in the energy drinks. People must consume an adequate quantity of solid foods as well in order to complement the caffeine and sugar in the energy drinks. This way, the body benefits from numerous other nutrients from the solid foods that make it easy for the body sustain the demands of the energy drinks. Most people use energy drinks without eating adequate quantities of other solid foods, such imbalances have varied effects since the body lacks the mass and protein to enhance the increased performance of the body (Reissig, Strain & Griffiths, 2009).
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