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Working at McDonald's - Assignment Example

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In “Working at McDonald’s” Amitai Etzioni who is called guru of the communitarian movement speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of part-time teenager’s work at fast food restaurants and especially McDonald’s. The author chose McDonald’s because it represents…
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Working at McDonald's
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Download file to see previous pages That is because most of the workers at McDonald’s are students high school and their job at fast food restaurants interferes with their lessons and homework. That very often becomes a reason of dropouts which eventually leads to further life without deep professional knowledge and working at low cost jobs without career opportunities. Another significant detail is the basics of the inequality that are created by the low cost jobs like one in fast food stores. Statistics shows that minorities are a big part of all people working at stores like McDonalds. As for the sources author provides a knowing of research by Ivan Charper and Bryan Shore Fraser but he is not satisfied and argues with authors on some points. As the final argument the author criticizes the way teenagers spend their money. In his opinion undeveloped teenagers become very comfortable with the typical American consuming way of life and that makes youngsters feel like adults. With the situation like this it is often more desirable for teens to work couple hours longer in Burger King to buy clothes instead of doing your homework and receive knowledge for the rest of the life. Educational aspects of work in fast food stores like learning how to operate cash-register or doing your job under the supervision in authors thought are very insignificant and because teens most of the time work only with other youngsters there is no possibility to take somebody as an example or a role model.
The author`s point of view is very interesting, fresh and deserves attention. Some of his arguments can and should be discussed but in whole the problem of low cost jobs at fast food stores is a very actual question because it connects with the teenagers and teenagers are the future of our society. In his article Amitai Etzioni at first compares teenager’s job at McDonald’s (or any other fast food store) with the old time concept of the first job ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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