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As a student, I admit that the greater burden to excel in class depends on me and I did not do as expected. However, I have a number of reasons that I wish to present to you in defense of…
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RE: AN EXCUSE LETTER AND A REQUEST FOR AN INCOMPLETE I take this opportunity to express my apologies for not being ableto do my best in class. As a student, I admit that the greater burden to excel in class depends on me and I did not do as expected. However, I have a number of reasons that I wish to present to you in defense of my case and hopefully you will be able to understand my condition and consider my request. My brother who is my only sibling, died recently and there is no one at home to take good care of my mother who is currently not in a good health condition. So I have been thinking and worried a lot about her making me not to be able to concentrate in class. My dad had passed on nine years ago and I have not yet recovered fully from the loss. Due to these, I have been in a very bad mood and full of worries.
My psyche towards studies and life in general has gradually gone down. I must admit that I did not do well in my class assignments and the examination but that was mainly due to the reasons that I have stated above. Therefore, I am kindly requesting that you may consider my kind request of giving me an incomplete in the class. This will improve my chances of staying in the college and I promise that I will do my very best to excel in the class. I look forward for your positive response. Thank you. Read More
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EXCUSE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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