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Argument Synthesis paper - Essay Example

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Artificial intelligence or robots in the contemporary, equitable and democratic society is a complex but proactive subjected that has attracted a point of argument, scholars, critic and amateurs in relation to its themes, motifs and symbolisms. As some researchers focus on the…
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Argument Synthesis paper
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Download file to see previous pages tstanding question that needs an immediate address evolving as the greatest robotic debate or argument is the jobs, ethical and social values destroyed by the artificial intelligences, automation. Therefore, as a turning point usage of robots in the modern society to solve life issue in handling robotic concept and principles in dealing with ethical, social and job issues cause some vulnerability in than good. For example people living with autism as claimed by Judith (2014).
On a broad aspect, the impacts of artificial intelligence as a data-driven model, accountable and control tool or operational model as carefully evaluated, examined and rebutted against artificial intelligence in solving the human problems from different dimensions based on the reliable facts and evidences obtained by Judith (2014) claims from an economic point of view are pointing out the impacts of artificial intelligence and automation on employments and job opportunities in creating technological unemployment. Based on the economic skeptical Luddism approach (Noel 2008; Robbie 2012) applies the similar pattern to visualize the new robotic life it has caused in creating mass unemployment as robots can handle much work with long working hours compared to human labor. Nevertheless, neoclassical economist argues that, though most predication have worked out is solving human problems such as solving health problems, collecting the highways and other areas, digital revolution or accelerating technology causes the modern employment crisis.
Wang claim supports Robbie (2012) findings by basing his findings and conclusion from a developmental and cognitive point of view against the overdependence of robotic intelligence in addressing human issues. According to his findings, the use of robotic intelligence has always resulted to the outstripping of the human brain processing power as the most of reasoning and cognitive activities are taken by the use of computerized devices. Comparatively, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Argument Synthesis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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