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GMO foods like corn can be made resistant to pest and weeds. Despite being the most important crop in the US, corn cannot reproduce unless the process has been facilitated by human aid. It is also important to make GMO corn because…
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Pros of GMO Foods
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Benefits of GMO Foods GMO foods can be made resistant to diseases. GMO foods like corn can be made resistant to pest and weeds. Despite being the most important crop in the US, corn cannot reproduce unless the process has been facilitated by human aid. It is also important to make GMO corn because natural corn is vulnerable to diseases and pests, and a lot of nutrients are required to produce corn.
GMO foods can be mass-produced. Mass-production of food is the need of the present age when many areas of the world are afflicted with famine; “With an ever increasing global population, massive 3rd world hunger, and with an estimation that a child dies for every two seconds world wide from starvation; this does not even take into account the number of people who are mal and undernourished, there is a great promise in the use of this technology to benefit not only the farmers, but also societies worldwide” (“Benefits of GM Food”). Even in the prosperous countries, the demand of food is more than the supply of natural food. This imparts a need to produce GMO foods. GMO foods’ bigger yields helps use the land more efficiently with less use of pesticides and herbicides.
GMO foods’ flavor, nutritional value, and texture is better than that of their natural counterparts. GMO foods look larger in size and fuller in appearance and their colors are more vibrant and appealing to the eye compared to natural foods. The way a fruit or vegetable looks has a very important role in its usability in meals. People want to eat foods that look appealing and attractive.
To conclude, GMO foods offer a lot of benefits. GMO foods can be made disease-free. They can be mass-produced to meet the needs of the growing population. GMO foods are more attractive in appearance.
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