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Are GM crops the state of the art of intensive agriculture or a step too far Discuss with reference to the conservation of nature - Essay Example

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According to Freedman (2009), genetically modified plants and animals often called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are those whose characteristics have been changed by using modern scientific techniques to add or remove genes (p. 8). This is what is referred to as…
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Are GM crops the state of the art of intensive agriculture or a step too far Discuss with reference to the conservation of nature
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Extract of sample "Are GM crops the state of the art of intensive agriculture or a step too far Discuss with reference to the conservation of nature"

Download file to see previous pages ild species of plants such as corn or blueberries, then you will notice that their fruit is much smaller than that of varieties sold in the local grocery store (p.9). The reason for this difference in size he explains is that for centuries, farmers have sought to improve the size –and other characteristics- of the crops they grow. This allows them to produce a greater volume of food per acre of land, and it produced more food to feed people.
GM foods have been around for much longer than most people know, in fact in the U.S, and 30% of Americans have been eating food made from GM crops since the year 1998 when the first Flar-Savr Tomato was introduced into the U.S supermarkets. Still, even with hundreds of millions of people around the world eating GM foods for more than a decade, controversy over the use of this technology remains very high all over the world (Diehl Paul 2014:1). This controversy is mostly fired up by the fact that GM foods were released into the market without the public knowledge. The Real Truth Magazine (2014), states that several reasons as to why the GM food issue has remained a huge topic for discussion and controversy around the world (p. 1-2). Biotech corporations market their products by selling the idea that they are ideal solutions to nutrition, world hunger and the environment yet all these foods have managed to do to attract speculations and fear about their possible side effects to the human race. To further explain this, The Real Truth Magazine lists these areas of controversy;
Producers of GM crops claim that their genetically altered crops are more nutritious than natural crops. The promoters of ‘Golden Rice’ said that this rice was more superior to natural rich in vitamin A among other nutrients. After several tests, this rice was discovered to be inferior to natural rice. This lie was uncovered by Ticciati and Ticciati (1998), the authors of “Genetically Engineered Foods: Are They Safe? You Decide." They present ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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