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The popularity of video games continues to be significant with this industry constantly developing and supplying market with new exciting products annually. It became a favorable and common means of spending free time for children and teenagers, who appear to be captured by the…
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Violent video games effects on children and teenager
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Negative Effects of Violent Video Games on Children The popularity of video games continues to be significant with this industry constantly developing and supplying market with new exciting products annually. It became a favorable and common means of spending free time for children and teenagers, who appear to be captured by the imaginable world of fun and amazing opportunities. Yet, such extensive passion for video games is not left without attention of specialists who express their concerns about the amount of violence games contain. Many argue that violent computer and video games are responsible for promoting aggressive behavior among children as well as lead to desensitization.
Psychologists explain that being overly exposed to violent video and computer games can be responsible for shaping violent patterns of behavior among children. It is argued that the content and plot of games is often not appropriate for the young and not mature individuals as far as it is focused on aggression and killing. Many scenes can show shootings, fights, and blood. As a result, children see pictures that can lead to alternation of their behavior, increasing frequency of violent response and decreasing their ability to take anger under control. The following is proved various studies conducted by specialists. As a whole, there is substantial ground to believe that violent games teach children to response to situations in a violent way, acting like they used to in games.
Apart from that, there is a considerable concern that video games make children accustomed to seeing and participating in violence, which results in devaluation of morality and helpfulness among them. Extremely realistic scenes which are common for any modern game today are likely to lead to desensitization of young individuals. The following happens due to habituation of observing initially negative physiological, emotional, and cognitive responses that people experience when they see gore and blood. Putting it in other words, children are not perceiving violence and aggression as bad as they would normally do. Subsequently, they can hurt people without realizing the moral consequences of their actions as well as would not view helping others as a necessary action. As a whole, their overall understanding of moral values becomes distorted to the great extent. This can also lead to reduced academic performance since children will think that this is not diligence and discipline that lead to success, but force and suppression of others, just like in a video game.
Video games have already become an integral part of children’s process of growing, which means that they produce their influence on formation of one’s personality and psyche. Subsequently, it is feared and scientifically grounded that video games can encourage children becoming aggressive and violent themselves. The reasons lies in the fact that modern games are too often centered on blood, killings, and causing pain. The following results in young and not mature individuals adopting antisocial patterns of behavior and becoming less sensitive to violence. Reduction of commitment to moral values and to education are also expected consequences. Read More
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