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How Computer Games Influence Violence - Essay Example

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Video games Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Video games Technology possesses notable benefits to human beings. This means that human beings can access fun that is not available on a mechanical level. It is vital to note that for the last thirty years, video games have been available to individuals…
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How Computer Games Influence Violence
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Download file to see previous pages Several researches have focused on the effects of video games on adolescents and children. This is because children belong to an age whereby they are vulnerable to deceptions (Signorielli 2006, p. 36). This means that they can barely separate illusions from reality. Children easily develop emotions that make them vulnerable to script of their play. It is essential to note that video games are proven to have positive effects as well. For instance, video games could be responsible for improving manual dexterity. This is useful in handling things such as bicycles, vehicles and other machines. Additionally, video games could improve computer literacy of children. This is attributable to employment of various control keys and manipulations in creating a game. Technology improves to accord these games better graphics for real three dimensional experiences in playing. Such quality heralds video games as a distinct force in children’s lives. However, research and real life experiences show that video games increase aggression in teens. Video games have notably transformed to become increasingly popular with teenagers. An example concerns the studies, of Kaiser Family Foundation, that reported of most children homes’ ownership of video games. ...
This mostly concerns shooting games in which other characters are depicted to have died. Video games necessitate a critical concern because children are active users of such medium. It is notable that video games demand significant attention that children gullibly accord. This gives greater credibility to the images that appear on the devices’ screens. Since parents rarely involve themselves in video games, they are unaware of the images. Some studies indicate that children who play martial games would possess the tendency towards aggression (Aboujaoude & Koran, p. 184). This would be different from motorcycle racing games whereby children are not likely to develop aggression out of playing. This affects children players in two dimensions. To begin with, it deceives players of their strength in case they win such games. It is vital to note that children become increasingly proficient with more games that they play. This proficiency enables players to easily win games by depictions of shooting and murdering other characters. It creates a sense of self misconception whereby the children players feel that they can operate in the real world through violence. This means that such children would feel that they can get away with violence in the practical world. On the other hand, violence is attributable to frustrations of failing in games. This mostly occurs in cases whereby children are less proficient in manipulating video games. In certain instances, other characters end up shooting and killing the main character in terms of video depiction. This triggers anger and frustration in children players. In turn, they can fight with their peers in order that they convince of their strength. In addition, children could turn violent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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