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Should all states raise the high school dropout age to 18 - Essay Example

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Any age less than 18 years is costly to the family and the economic development of the nation. Any person below the age limit has not attained the legal stage to make sound decisions and…
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Should all states raise the high school dropout age to 18
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Extract of sample "Should all states raise the high school dropout age to 18"

High School dropout age All s should ensure that stay in high school until they attain the age of 18. Any age less than 18 years is costly to the family and the economic development of the nation. Any person below the age limit has not attained the legal stage to make sound decisions and engage in productive work. In addition, employment requires mature individuals who have the capability to deliver in complex environments. In this instance, the work supports raising the age limit for dropout to 18 years based on the following reasons.
School shapes an individual’s character and equips students with valuable life skills. The skills become better with increased age. Hence, 18-year-old students have more life experiences that make them better citizens. They are also able to comprehend issues and act in accordance with regulations.
An 18-year-old student has an enhanced maturity and cognitive capacity. Therefore, making the legal age for school dropout ensures that the society has fully equipped members to promote sustainability. Persons aged 18 years are equipped physically and mentally to enhance productivity and help in nation building.
Even though, critics argue that increasing age limit amount to a violation of student rights and that it does not consider the talents. The school provides the platforms for talent development and nurturing. Schools also improve the interpersonal skills of individuals through diversity. Persons also learn to respect and appreciate other people’s cultures. However, such attributes only become better with increased age. An 18-year-old student shows good reasoning compared to the one who drops out at an early age. Therefore, all States should establish mechanisms to keep students in high schools until they reach 18 years of age. Read More
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