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According to the official government resource, Jordan is a water-poor country because the supply of water is less than 1000 cubic meters per…
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Water shortages at Jordan
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Water Shortage in Jordan Water Shortage in Jordan People cannot survive without water; it is the reason why water shortage is a threatening issue in many world countries including Jordan. According to the official government resource, Jordan is a water-poor country because the supply of water is less than 1000 cubic meters per capita. In 1996, the consumption of water in Jordan equaled 170 cubic meters per capita which was far below the norm (Jordans Water Shortage, 1998).
Growing populating and naturally hot climate challenge people and motivate them to find an effective model of water supply and consumption to make sure that the country can function event in such difficult natural conditions. Almost 70% of all water is used for agricultural purposes and less than 30% is consumed by people (Jordans Water Shortage, 1998). Overall, this issue requires immediate response not to get worse.
This problem requires complex approach and collaboration of people, government and even countries that border with Jordan. First of all, the government develops the water management model to make sure that the supply of water is growing and the demand is decreasing. Second, strategic relationships with Israel and Syria make sure that Jordan is backed up by its neighboring countries. Moreover, investments into existing water supply infrastructure strengthen the position of the country and avoid exploring new resources of water which is quite costly for the country.
Finally, the country maintains clear data about water consumption on its territories in order to see how the above-mentioned activities influence on the situation with water shortage in Jordan. Government, local people and activists seem to be involved in the issue; they control their water consumption and support governmental regulations.
n.d. (1998). Jordans Water Shortage. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Retrieved from Read More
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