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One of the incidences that I have encountered in the course of my education is the treatment of individuals of different races being treated with contempt by Native Americans. In this case, non-native individuals faced various challenges as they were treated like second class…
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Experience related to Education One of the incidences that I have encountered in the of my education is the treatment of individuals of different races being treated with contempt by Native Americans. In this case, non-native individuals faced various challenges as they were treated like second class citizens of in a way that suggest that Native Americans are more deserving or rather, non-natives are lesser human being. In one incident, the teacher asked us to form a discussion group. Some of my classmates refused to form groups with some students who are American of Kenyan origin. This behavior by the student is related to cultural diversity. In this particular case, the actions are in contravention of the cultural diversity. As one of the goals of education, the role of culture diversity is to ensure that total integration of all races, classes, genders and other disparities shown in the society are removed. As an important goal of education, culture diversity concept is created to achieve a discrimination-free society where every American is appreciated with total disregard of their skin color or the background. This negative incident that I encountered left begs the answer unto whether the education is achieving its goals Read More
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