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Energy drinks - Essay Example

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The sector producing the sports and energy drinks is very big and is doing a lot of marketing to promote their sales. Common consumers of energy drinks are high school students, college students,…
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Energy drinks
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Extract of sample "Energy drinks"

Download file to see previous pages The difference between sports drinks and energy drinks lies in their contents. Sports drinks have energy giving elements in them while energy drinks have stimulants. These stimulants include caffeine and guarana, which can change the functioning of the human body. Johnson (2014, p.377) notes that both the sports and energy drinks have carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, sodium, proteins, and other minerals.
Energy drinks and sports drinks are associated with a number of benefits. Sports are always associated with using a lot of energy; so many sports people may require a lot of energy drinks. When they are being promoted during marketing, their sellers say how good they are to consumers. Some say how these drinks can improve the performance of sportsmen. They also say that they can remove fatigue and increase concentration or keenness. Some sellers also claim these drinks can replace the electrolytes that are lost when a person is sweating. Sports and energy drinks are usually sold mostly to the young people. The reason is that it is the youths who use them quite often. They use them a lot because they take part in many hard activities that require much energy. These drinks are used by different people in different ways. These energy drinks are made of various components. The components are; water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals amino acids/ protein caffeine, guarana, electrolytes and other stimulants. Water helps in giving the body the hydration it requires to operate normally. When a person is active and is using a lot of energy, thermoregulation is increased (Burrow 2013, p.141). He or she will need water to help in cooling and hydrating their bodies. Carbohydrates give energy to the consumers, but only if taken with other nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids/ and proteins are so good for the human body. Sports drinks and energy drinks are therefore, beneficial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Energy Drinks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2.
“Energy Drinks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2”, n.d.
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Dump the Energy Drinks

...balancing and vitamin supplemented flavored energy drinks with sugar calories in the mixture vs. the new style of “Red Bull” type energy drinks that include caffeine, amino acids, and complex performance enhancing chemicals for physical support. The Burke (2008) study found that caffeine did include a performance benefit for athletes in competitive situations, however that this benefit could be achieved in smaller doses distributed over a longer period of time. (Burke, 2008) The van Nieuwenhoven et al. (2001) study suggested that caffeinated beverages and sports drinks create more gastro-intestinal problems for athletes vs. pure water. (van Nieuwenhoven...
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Competition in Energy Drinks a given market (Hill and Jones 12). In essence, the Porter’s five theory comprise of five forces namely: existing competitive rivalry between suppliers, threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, power of suppliers and the threat of substitute products with the inclusion of technological change (Orcullo 48). Competition in Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Vitamin Enhanced Beverages United States is one of the countries that serves the market for drink such as energy, sports drinks and vitamin enhanced beverages. Apparently, energy drinks are consumed by young...
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Sport and Energy Drinks

... still mishandle 'line extension' projects that fail. It is imperative that new products for development be carefully chosen, "product strategy calls for complex decisions, among others, on product mix and product line" (Kotler and Armstrong, 1991, pp. 512-513). The Change: Sport and Energy Drinks There has been a continuous rise in the demand for healthy snacks all over the world. This trend was essentially started in the United States as a result of a new health craze and obesity scare due to rising number of weight levels. Consumers now want to minimize their fat intake as well as reduce ingestion of other potential damaging sugar - substitute substances. This tendency to buy only 'healthy' foods has extended to the snack - food...
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Energy drinks effect

..., and drinking only when one is thirsty. There was a time when water was the only or one of the few sources of hydration. But water as a hydrant was found to have a lot of limitations. The major draw back of water as a hydrant is that it doesn’t replace the salts or electrolytes lost during perspiration. Water easily quenches thirst even before the body gets re-hydrated. Only few people like the taste of the water; most find the taste relatively bland. More over, drinking too much water can, though rarely, cause hyponatremia or water intoxication. It was these limitations of water as a hydrant that forced researchers to develop energy drinks especially for sports....
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Are energy drinks safe'

...the woman lost her only daughter. II. Adaptation (Relating topic to audience): tragic like deaths and diseases resulting from the drinks to get energy are common to both adults and young people in United States. III. Credibility (Speaker’s qualifications/expertise): after researching about this subject I have come to agree with the view that energy drinks are not safe because it contains too much caffeine, very expensive, and it has side effects. IV. Thesis (Transitional Preview): from the discussion with the audience many of you oppose the information I tried to provide, but I am requesting that you listen with open mind while we discuss the problems associated with...
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Competition in Energy Drinks

...increases, they tend to switch from the carbonated drinks to the alternative beverages. Secondly, the alternative beverage section appeals to all age groups in the society (Christou & Vettas, 2003). Carbonated drinks are more associated with adults than school-going children because of the chemical components. Analysts in the industry project a decline in the sales figures for carbonated soft drinks and an increase in sales of sports drinks, ready-to-drink tea, energy drinks, bottled water, fruit juices, and vitamin-enhanced beverages among other types of alternative beverages, setting the ground for competition among...
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Energy Drinks

... of energy drinks and what should be done about it. Background Information The body requires rests at intervals and if this is not available then fatigue emerge. Some people may however want to overcome fatigue without rest and they resort to energy drinks. Students who wish to study overnight because of extreme demand are examples of people who may use energy drinks in order to overcome fatigue. The drinks offer “extra energy, increased alertness, and improve mental and physical awareness” (Carroll County n.p.). What such individuals using energy drinks should ask themselves is the chemical composition of such drinks is that restores their energy without much struggle. The Food and Drug Administration that ensures safety of consumables do...
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Energy Drinks

... and negative impacts on the end user. We are going to discuss in length both the positive and the negative effects that the user might experience in using the energy drinks. Among the positive effects, is that the energy drinks tend to keep one awake and focused. Most people take advantage of this factor as they are able to attain the ability to control their sleeping habits. On taking the energy drinks, the user is able to boost their energy and can do thing that they probably would find difficult if they had not taken in the drinks (Laudan 2009 p.137). If one had a task that they needed to complete, say for example during the night, the intake of the energy drink will boost their ability to stay awake thus being able to work comfortably...
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Energy drinks

... include water, minerals, and ions among other. Many researchers have found them quite harmful and helpful in equal measures. This article analyzes several benefits and risks of energy drinks has on a person. In addition, the essay stimulates other researchers to conduct more studies on this subject and illustrate how to deal with energy drinks. Discussion Energy Drinks are associated with a variety of benefits especially for athletes, which are related with the stimulation of the muscles to enable the athletes perform at their optimum. However, there have been recent concerns over the possibility of caffeine intoxication of the energy drinks, owing to the fact that some of the energy drinks range their caffeine content from “50 mg...
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Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol

...………………………………………………………………………………13 Summary…………………………………………………………………………………………14 References………………………………………………………………………………………..15 Introduction Ban of Alcoholic Energy Drinks on College Campuses On the 17th of November, 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued written warnings to manufacturers of alcoholic beverages that included caffeine, such as Four Loko, Tilt, and Torque (FDA, 2010). The FDA gave these manufacturers 15 days to either take out caffeine from their beverages or to stop selling them altogether. When the FDA issued these warnings in 2010, many New Jersey colleges and universities took action, such as Drew University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rider University, and Ramapo College. According...
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