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Energy drinks are soft beverages designed to increase the body performance and stamina for a short time. The ingredients of any energy drink depend…
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The effects of energy drinks on the body
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Effects of Energy Drinks on the Body With the growing technologies and diverse populations, many companies have come up with different drinks to suitvarious purposes. Energy drinks are soft beverages designed to increase the body performance and stamina for a short time. The ingredients of any energy drink depend with its desired use. Although the main ingredients are caffeine, fructose, and some vitamins, many energy drink companies have jammed more chemicals into these energy drinks for their own good. Courtesy of vigorous marketing, energy drinks now dominates the public domain with increasing treads of usage. The manufacturing companies portray the energy drinks as youthful, fun, and harmless. However, the effects of energy drinks vary among people depending on age, body activity and the ingredients therein. Some of the effects are good while others are harmful. This paper will analyze the effects of energy drinks on the body.
Biologically, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system hence creating more awareness and activity. However, the large concentrations of caffeine and taurine in energy drinks have possible effects on human brain and low body immunity. It also causes breast shrinkage in females and some allergic reactions such as rashes. The high concentrations also cause stomach pain, nausea, dehydration, insomnia, low athletic performance, and anxiety. Ingredients of an energy drink can be addictive in the end, which causes headaches and irritation. Energy drink’s ingredients especially caffeine affect the heartbeat and blood pressure because of the stimulation they cause to the nervous system. Carnitine and Guarana, lead to weight loss and increased metabolism. Calorie and high sugar may otherwise lead to weight gain. Sugars increase the risk of diabetes and teeth cavities while caffeine weakens bones. Energy drinks when mixed with alcohol leads to dehydration (Reifeiss, 2011). High amounts of caffeine in the energy drinks increase the risk of miscarriage, delivery of low-weight babies and difficulties during birth in pregnant women. The dehydration caused by energy drinks is harmful when combined with exercises among sportsmen (Health and wellbeing, 2010).
Taurine, which is also contained in the energy drinks, helps in regulating heartbeat, energy levels, mild inhibitory neurotransmission, and muscle contractions. Vitamins B contained in energy drinks helps in converting sugars to energy in the body. Ginkgo Biloba helps in circulation, concentration, and memory retention. However, it has side effects like dizziness and restlessness. Energy drinks contain small amounts of vitamins C and E, which act as anti-oxidants in the body. Creatine, found on energy drinks sold to bodybuilders, helps in supplying energy to the muscles. Milk Thistle found on energy drinks acts as a liver detoxifying agent. Inositol, which is a new ingredient in most energy drinks, helps in serotonin modulation but also lead to diarrhea. Artificial sweeteners in energy drinks cover the medicinal taste. They also increase the size of our waistline. In conclusion, it is worth noting that energy drinks have many side effects. One energy drink may contain several ingredients. Hence, it is hard for us to know which ones affected our bodies negatively. Addiction, use of energy drinks as water replacers, and mixing with alcohol are misadvised. It is also true that they have some benefits to our bodies depending on the purpose of use. Therefore, responsible drinking and necessary use of energy drinks is advisable for all.
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