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Filter bubbles according to Pariser (2011) leads to some information not being displayed once an individual searches for it or even in the private social media accounts. The filter bubble leads to the most important information being displayed and wrong or irrelevant information…
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Arguments of Definition
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Definition argument Pariser Filter bubbles according to Pariser leads to some information not being displayed once an individual searches for it or even in the private social media accounts. The filter bubble leads to the most important information being displayed and wrong or irrelevant information being displayed instead. This leads to misinformation or leading to an individual having to search again and again in order to get not only the correct information but plenty of it that can be sufficient in the case of a research for example. These filters lead to people wasting precious time and resources as a result all because of these bubbles.
Yes. I was honestly surprised about that piece of information from the talk. I have always made an assumption that whatever information I was searching for online and the results I got as a result would be available exactly what anyone else searching would get as well. This is the reason the talk was not only important but provided revealing information that shocked me. This information about the filter bubble should be passed around to as many people as possible so that they can be keen on the search results they get from the first search and compare it to results of other searches as well.
I was worried over Pariser’s information that the content being released in the internet is tailored which is very inconveniencing. If one can be searching for a particular topic and each and every piece of information about it but ends up getting the wrong information, irrelevant information as well as misplaced information, then one will start to really not trust the internet at all. It is supposed to not only connect people but keep them abreast at all times of everything taking place around the world. As a result of the filter bubbles, this reality is being taken away from the users.
Privacy indeed matters as very few people would like to be seen at their weakest or most vulnerable moments. This is the reason according to Greenwald (2014) that most people as explained by the speaker prefer doing stuff in private than in the public eye. They lack the courage to be criticized or people to change their point of view about them hence the reason they hide in private. People should respect the privacy and not brand people as bad or good for it.
Extra credit
Having taken the same experiment taken by Pariser’s student, I was shocked to realize that it is true. I tried it several times taking different screen shots and the results were still different each and every time. The most shocking of all research was the fact that there were screen shots with really irrelevant pieces of information, such as Egypt during the Mesopotamia errors and none relaying any current information about the nation. In some cases, all the information provided was based on the recent uprising in the country and non about its history. There was only one or two with information about both the past and the present times in the nation.
Work Cited
Greenwald, Glenn. “Why privacy matters.” TED Talks, October, 2014. =en 24 March, 2015.
Pariser, Eli. “Beware online "filter bubbles".” TED Talks, March 2011. 24 March, 2015. Read More
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Arguments of Definition Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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