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Definition Argument - Essay Example

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Human beings are social living beings and hence they always for groups and societies that are cohesively joined together by commonness of behaviors, interest and destiny among other aspects. In this case, the group comprises a discourse community. One such person who has a well…
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Definition Argument
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Download file to see previous pages She has been able to establish much following due to her popular music. Through various platforms such as facebook and tweeter, Taylor Swift interacts actively with her fans in a system that appears to be a family. Her fan community comprises of fans that are characterized by a feeling of camaraderie and empathy with others who share a common interest. In this case, the fan community is interested even in minor details of the celebrity of their fandom and hence spend a significant amount of energy and time involving with their interest in most cases as a part of a social network.
Accordingly, the article will explain the six characteristics of a discourse community as described by Professor John Swales. Taylor Swift’s fun base has demonstrated each of the six characteristics and hence can be classified as a discourse community.
A fan community demonstrates a commonness of goals and objectives. According the Professor John Swales, “discourse community is characterized by the commonness of goal and objectives”(Swales 471). Taylor’s fans are engaged in each and every activity that she engages in. He declares that the community has set and agreed upon a set of common objectives that keeps the community aligned together. The fan community shares the experience the Taylor awesome talent in music. The fan are engaged on a fan page, though having minimal numbers of fans gives the platform to those who have joined share more about Taylor. There are updates on Taylor too such as latest events that Taylor is attending or planning to attend, her trends in fashion through a gallery of photos and some of her music that have remained in the global billboard making her one of the youngest musician to top for close to four years consecutively. In terms of a common goal, Taylor’s fans are mostly upcoming musicians and other lover of Americans music. They engage each others on various platforms where they share opinions regarding various singles and albums ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Definition Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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