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Definitional Argument - Essay Example

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Mrs. Woodard EH 102-QMQ 2/3/13 Definitional Argument of Adulthood The concept of adulthood refers to maturity stage of a person that is often attained after going through different stages of growth. Seamons suggest that an adult person should behave in a mature way and he should be able to look after himself…
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Definitional Argument
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Download file to see previous pages The main body of the paper will focus on illustrating how the three elements mentioned above are related to the concept of adulthood. The first element of the paper is related to the aspect of physical adulthood and how it impacts on the growth and behavior of a human being. Basically, the physical growth and development of a person leads to adulthood. This is also referred to as maturity. Any person who is referred to as mature or an adult has physically developed and that person is capable of performing various tasks on his or her own. An adult person is energetic such that he or she can perform hard tasks that may not be performed by a minor. By virtue of physical development, it is expected that an adult person can work for himself in order to satisfy different needs he may encounter. This element is aptly portrayed by Seamons who reports that people over 25 years old should not expect too much sympathy from Spain’s courts after the parents may have decided to stop the monthly allowances given to such people. This came in the wake of a man aged 25 years who took mom and dad to court after they stopped forking over the $588 they had been giving him each month. However, the judge ruled out that there is no money until the man starts looking for a job. Ideal judgment for an adult! The second element of the paper focuses on the intellectual aspect of the concept of adulthood. A mature person or an adult is expected to reason in a logical way and this person can use the power of reasoning to solve different problems he may encounter. A mature person is capable of using his mind to deal with various life situations. This is illustrated in the movie “Adulthood” where Sam finds himself entrapped in the memory of the past where he spent six years in jail. In order for him to cope with the situation, he must realise that he is on a journey to adulthood. In most cases, adults deal with issues of substance and they often focus on aspects that can improve their welfare compared to young people who tend to experiment with a lot of things. People who have not yet fully developed in terms of intellectuality often need the guidance of mature people such that they may be able to handle different life situations. People who have intellectually developed are rational thinkers and they often try to find the best possible solutions to the problems they may encounter in their lives. People who use their reasoning capacity to deal with different situations have a unique way of dealing with different scenarios. The third element of this paper will focus on social aspect of adulthood and will also highlight the factors that impact on the behavior of an individual person. Adulthood is also closely related to social development of a human being. As a human being develops from an adolescent to an adult, social changes that take place within that individual. This is a period when young people begin to experience the need for social comfort or closeness and this impacts on their social development. According to a paper entitled “From adolescence to adulthood-a story of growing up,” it can be noted that there is a strong correlation between social development of an individual and adulthood. It is at this stage that a person feels like loving someone as well as to be loved by someone. This is an inevitable part of human development and this defines adulthood in different societies. Over and above, it can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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