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Arguments - Essay Example

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Extract of sample "Arguments"

6 COMPARISON OF A POSITION ARGUMENT AND A PROPOSAL ARGUMENT DISTINCTION POSITION ARGUMENT PROPOSAL ARGUMENT Definition of each A Position Argument is an argument that takes a stand and defends the position. Position Arguments do not necessarily point out a solution but tend to be controversy. The goal of the position argument is to change the audience view about the issue
Proposal arguments identify a problem and offer a solution to the problem. The writer obligates the reader to take action to solve the problem. A proposal arguments goal is to affect the future.
Key features of each
The writer is dealing with a controversial issue.
The writer must state position clearly as thesis statement.
The writer must recognize other perspectives and possible objections to the position.
The argument must be well reasoned in order to support the position. The paper must be persuasive.
The evidence for the paper must be convincing.
The author must project a reasonable voice of persona.
The writer first deals with the issue, which is usually a controversial or debatable issue.
Then the writer states the proposal in the form of a thesis statement.
The argument must be well reasoned in order to support the proposal. The paper must persuade people to accept the proposal and to take action using reason, ethics, and emotion.
The evidence supporting the proposal must be convincing in order to be effective.
The author must project a reasonable voice of persona.
How does each begin
The position paper begins with an introductory paragraph that gives background information and states the thesis statement, which is the position the author is going to take on an issue.
The proposal paper begins with an introductory paragraph that gives background information and states the thesis statement, which is the proposal the author is going to take on an issue and a call for action.
How does each conclude
The position paper concludes with a concluding paragraph that reiterated the position and summarizes key evidence that supports the position.
The proposal paper concludes with a concluding paragraph that reiterated the proposal, summarizes key evidence that supports the position, and suggests a plan to implement. Read More
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