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Outline the key arguments of Plato - Analyze the above arguments given Plato's main theses - Compare those arguments to Butler - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Plato and Butler arguments Hoes does Plato understand what we call gender? Plato’s argument concerning gender is different from intellectuals or philosophers of his time. His basis of argument entailed women executing diverse duties or holding certain positions in the society, which was earlier thought by numerous people as best handled by men…
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Outline the key arguments of Plato - Analyze the above arguments given Platos main theses - Compare those arguments to Butler
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Extract of sample "Outline the key arguments of Plato - Analyze the above arguments given Plato's main theses - Compare those arguments to Butler"

Download file to see previous pages According to him, the difference between a man and woman is merely biological, whereby both sexes play certain roles during procreation. Consequently, this thought and understanding of gender as irrelevant prompted numerous intellectuals to conclude Plato was a feminist. Primarily, this is because of his argument regarding inclusion of women in assuming similar roles towards nation building without considering humanity’s biological discrepancies, which are beyond human intervention. Women ought to have equal say similar to their male counterparts, as per Platonic argument. This is because they are capable of delivering as necessitated besides talented enough to exceed society’s expectations (Jowett 106). Consequently, this prompted Plato among all other philosophers to emerge as the modern day’s democratic ancestor due to his perspective regarding female gender’s consideration into public affairs. However, in the execution of same duties or roles by both sexes, Plato seems to have a soft understanding concerning jobs’ allocation without giving a clear explanation. Thus, women and men guardians cannot tolerate similar severity of their respective jobs’ environment, whereby the latter’s environment is a bit tougher than the females’. ...
Are there roles in the city that are particular to women and men because they are women or men? Besides Plato’s strong stand regarding gender irrelevance in the allocation of jobs and undertaking of diverse roles in the society, he admits that each sex has a responsibility to undertake. Mainly, these roles basis encompass biological differences where women, according to Plato’s arguments, embrace the role of mothers and wives. These roles are irrefutable, and nature dictates them to assume that course; hence, they are beyond human intervention. However, for other roles, especially those that encompass diverse city’s tasks, Plato emphasize consideration for gender equality. However, his argument did not imply he had in mind the position of woman in the society; instead, his intention was strictly to involve them in the kallipolis affairs. Plato’s perspective entailed women’s capability and not their liberation as it is with numerous contemporary feminists. This is evident from Plato’s deprecating attitude towards women, which comprised his nature. Plato’s advocating of gender equality was a way of ensuring that justice prevails in all sectors where women will be able to contribute constructively. Why does Plato make the argument that he does? Plato’s main concern is to ensure justice and development in kallipolis with the involvement of both sexes. Thus, he deemed the authorities would prove to be fair via accommodating every person to contribute constructively in doing what one thinks he or she is proficient in. This is regardless of sharing or assuming similar roles like that of a guardian where the authorities should not discriminate women ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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