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The research was based on reviews that would give an insight into a way that the scourge of using cannabis would be reduced not only through medical practices. The…
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Reflection and analysis
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Critical Reflection of Cannabis The writing is about a topic that touches on the major problems facing academiciansespecially college students. The research was based on reviews that would give an insight into a way that the scourge of using cannabis would be reduced not only through medical practices. The way of reducing the effects were through methods such incorporation of Low Cannabis Use Guidelines (Benedict Fisher,2011).The research adopted the sources because they discussed about the policies put up to reduce the effects of these drugs for example the ‘Placebo control method”. The research adopted the sources because they explained about a method of control for those who are already addicts. For example the adoption of the “Placebo control method” which was a trial that was tried out to help control a condition that results from cannabis use called spasticity. (Jodey Corey-Bloom,2012)
One of the sources of this research was about cannabis. The author was Jodey Corey-Bloom and the title is ‘Smoked cannabis for spasticity in multiple sclerosis; a randomized placebo-controlled trial’ The research focused on marijuana as one of the hard drugs that are commonly abused by academic people and so it would give a clear picture of what these drugs cause to academic people leading to academic downfalls. The objective of this literature review was to find out the short term effects of smoked cannabis on spasticity and it helped me identify the placebo-controlled method of identifying symptoms of cannabis suffering victim. A placebo controlled trial was passed to adults suffering from the symptom of spasticity. It was found out that smoked cannabis had much worse symptoms and pain reduction to those patients who had treatment resistant spasticity. Spasticity is described as one of the symptoms of sclerosis. This helps the reader to know one of the side effects of cannabis. (Jodey Corey-Bloom, 2012)
The other source I adopted was Lower Cannabis use guidelines for Canada; A narrative review of evidence and recommendations. The author was Benedict Fisher. The objective of the paper was to develop Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines based on researched evidence on adverse effects of cannabis. The literature review helped me to come up with recommendations by constituting viable tools for reducing the risk of cannabis use on an individual and on a population based on certain factors such as frequency of the drug use. Therefore, I was able to come up with a recommendation that the only way to avoid health effects is to abstain from use of cannabis. I was also able to advise that frequency of the use of the drug exposes an individual or a population to more adverse effects is an appropriate research for synthesis in the essay because they give proofs and suggestions. (Benedict Fisher, 2011)
The conclusion explains some of the suggestions the researcher has put forward to help the targeted group (academic people) and my overall view of the whole topic of discussion in a summary. The research helped to meet reader’s needs by explaining about the effects of cannabis in the context of academic people. This is the major hard drug abused by academic people. It explained the seriousness of the health effects of these drugs in order to make the academic people avoid using them. Additionally, through other literature explained some of the existing health conditions that result from the use of these drugs and some of the ways they are handled. My purpose for the study was to create awareness and educate the academic people on health hazards related to abuse of alcohol and cannabis. I achieved the goal by articulating the various effects of cannabis and making them aware of the effects that cannabis has on the body organs such as the lungs. Humor was incorporated by mimicking behavior of an intoxicated person and body movements to show how one would behave when suffering withdrawal symptoms and health effects.
A Reflection on the Essay using the Feedback
After reading the literature reviews, the feedback helped to focus on cannabis because it is widely abused by students and has very negative health effects. The introduction gives an insight into my topic of discussion and the reasons why I chose alcohol, some of the effects of alcohol on academic people health and the problems it majorly causes to students in campus. The body gives out the literature review that has been done as pertaining to the topic of my discussion as well as other hard drugs that have also proved to be problematic and identifying a research gap by giving a critique on the work done by other researchers. Lastly is the conclusion that provides my contribution and views on the topic as indicated below.
I think my suggestions and the way I put forward my argument has helped the academic people learn the side effects of consuming. I have learned more about the adverse effects of cannabis and how researchers have come up with methods of dealing with its health effects
Jodey Corey-Bloom, Tanya Wolfson, Antony Gamst, Shelia Jin, Thomas D.Marcotte, Heather Bentley. Smoked Cannabis for Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis; a randomized placebo-controlled trial.2012
Benedict Fisher, Victoria Jeffreys, Wayne Hall, Robin Room, Elliot Goldner,Jurgen Rehm.Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines for Canada(LRCUG); A Narrative Review of Evidence and Recommendation. Public health.2011 Read More
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