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I know this because during the summer of 2014 I visited the country with my brother, sister, and nephew. I had been planning on going for a holiday abroad since the beginning of last year, and I had even drawn up a…
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Vacation in Austria
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Vacation in Austria Austria is one of the most beautiful places can vacation in. I know this because during the summer of I visited the countrywith my brother, sister, and nephew. I had been planning on going for a holiday abroad since the beginning of last year, and I had even drawn up a list of places I would love to tour. Interestingly, Austria was initially not even one of my top three options, but I was convinced to settle for it after reading and hearing about it in magazines and from friends and acquaintances. By the start of the summer I had decided to tour the country in order to experience its hospitality and weather and to be able to tell my story to others, which I am now doing in this paper. When we landed in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, we were received by guides working for the travel agent we had sourced to assist us throughout our stay. The weather was unsurprisingly cooler since Austria’s climate is temperate in nature.
From the airport, we were taken to the hotel where we would live for the duration of our vacation. It was located about 5 kilometres from the airport. On the way to the hotel, my sister marvelled at how clean and serene the city was, but the taxi driver remarked that her observation was informed by our location: the outskirts of the city. According to him, the central business district was livelier, busier, noisier, and more chaotic. At night, we were served a buffet meal consisting of, among others, roast potatoes, vegetable salads, roasted lamb, grilled chicken, and dessert. In the morning, we set off for our first attraction: Seefold skiing resort. This resort has one of the best terrains that suits skiers who are in the beginner or intermediate levels (Costa, Panyik, & Buhalis, 2014:42). We practiced skating while taking the features of its amazing nature reserve. After that, we proceeded to Hohensalzburg Castle, which is one of the most well-maintained and largest medieval castles in the European continent. Its location at the peak Festungsberg Mountain makes it seem like it is towering above and staring down at the city of Salzburg (Costa, Panyik, & Buhalis, 2014:45). However, the most exciting attraction in the castle was the “Salzburg Bull.” This is an organ that has more than 200 pipes. It is a spectacular piece of medieval design and a symbol of Salzburg’s identity.
Over the remaining period of our vacation, we visited other top tourist attractions such as the Melk Abbey, the Vienna State Opera, Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Innsbruck Altstadt, St Anton am Arlberg, Grossglockner Alpine Road, Hallstatt, and Schonbrunn Palace. By far the most breathtaking was the Vienna State Opera, which is frequently cited as one of the best opera houses in the world as well as the most celebrated. While touring the building, I could feel its grandeur and elegance. While sitting in the main opera room, my nephew, my sister, and my brother all commented that they felt as though they were in the safest, quietest, yet liveliest place in the world. When the vacation ended, I swore to visit the country again. The most satisfying aspect of the trip was that we visited what are known as the top-ten tourist attractions in Austria, the hospitality was great, and the cuisine was excellent. I will certainly be going back in the near future.
Costa, C., Panyik, E. & Buhalis, D. (Eds.). (2014) European tourism planning and organisation systems: the EU member states (Illustrated ed.), London, Channel View Publications. Read More
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